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Scientific Large Scale Infraestructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies: Spanish node

SLICES-ES is the Spanish SLICES national node, composed of two sites, one in Madrid (UC3M & IMDEA Networks) and one in the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). With a strong focus on Beyond 5G and 6G large infrastructures for research, services will be made available for international researchers in the next following months. A first service is already available at the following link:


The ESFRI programme (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) is a strategic instrument to develop Europe’s scientific integration and strengthen its global outreach. Competitive and open access to high quality research infrastructures supports and benchmarks the quality of European scientists’ activities and attracts the best researchers from all over the world. ESFRI operates at the forefront of European and global science policy and contributes to its development by translating policy objectives into specific actions for Research Infrastructures in Europe. Due to the absolute lack of ESFRI infrastructures to specifically support research in Information and Communication Technologies, a group of leading institutions across Europe started, in 2017, the process of proposing the first ESFRI infrastructure in the field of ICT. The proposed research infrastructure is called SLICES (Scientific Large Scale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies). SLICES is now officially an ESFRI project and is included in the ESFRI Roadmap from 2021.

SLICES will establish a sustainable, multidisciplinary research platform to provide coordinated access to harmonised and quality data from various ICT science disciplines, together with tools for their use in analysis and modelling. This infrastructure will foster European and global interoperability in Information and Communication Technology Sciences as well as serving a wide user community. As a result, thousands of researchers will benefit from the services provided by SLICES.

Latests news

  • Launch of the first SLICES-ES service

    Launch of the first SLICES-ES service

    During the SLICES-ES national roadshow event (Oct., 3rd, 2023) it will be announced the launch of the first service: a program for use of Satellite for IoT devices consisting of a pool of 54 Echostar LoRa-enabled evaluation kits (EVKs). These kits are designed to allow system integrators to prototype and test solutions utilizing the Echostar… Read…

  • SLICES-ES National Roadshow Event, Madrid (3/10/2023)

    SLICES-ES National Roadshow Event, Madrid (3/10/2023)

    Join us on Tuesday, October 3, 2023 for the Spanish SLICES National Roadshow conference. The program highlights the ESFRI infrastructure SLICES, and is part of the SLICES Roadshow. The SLICES infrastructure, which was selected for the ESFRI Roadmap 2021, is currently in its preparatory phase. The event will take place in-person, at Hotel Riu Plaza… Read…